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Tilt & Turn Windows

Why Use Tilt and Turn Windows?

It really is like having three windows in one! The starting position is the ‘first’ window – the fixed, closed position. Decide that you want full ventilation, you turn the handle downward and the window immediately becomes a hinged in-swing window. When the weather becomes inclement or you want minimal air ventilation, close the window, turn the handle upward and you get a hopper window, pulling out at the top with two choices of degreed openings.
Additionally, an air-tight seal means you’re keeping unwanted intrusions out. That could be noise. It could also be burglars with the smooth finish on the outside, and the multiple locking system within the frame being much harder to penetrate.

The hopper tilt is especially useful in a Perth summer or in a bathroom where hot air can escape and you still have privacy. It’s accurate environmental control of your living space.

Easy to clean
Six to twelve months after installation, this point may just be your favourite. The Tilt and Turn Window can be cleaned thoroughly, front and back, from inside your home. No ladders. No annual headache. It can be as regular as wiping down a benchtop.