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Why Settle With Double Glazing When You Can Have Triple?

What Is a Passive House and How to Get Certified?

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As we move to a greener and more sustainable future we are constantly looking for places to improve on energy efficiency and lower energy costs, decrease our emissions and ultimately reduce the impact of our carbon footprint on the planet. Moving one step closer to a sustainable future is the construction of a Passive House – what is a passive house? It is determined by constructing a home with thermalised insulation, high-performance windows, ventilation and being airtight to achieve comfort and quality of life without sacrificing your bank. A passive house has 5 design principles and must pass a series of performance requirements to be completely certified.


Nuway Passive House in Australia


5 design principles 

  1. Thermal insulation – aims to provide sufficient insulation separation between the heated and cooled environments, ultimately reducing condensation and improving on thermal comfort.
  2. Passive house windows – often we lose a lot of temperature control through our windows as it leaks through the gaps or due to single glazing. The size of each window should be relative to allow for the correct amount of solar radiation to penetrate during winter and block just enough during summer. It is best to choose low emissive, double or tripled glazed windows that have been thermally broken.
  3. Mechanical ventilation heat recovery – allows for temperature regulation whilst improving on the air quality within the house by filtering out pollutants (CO2, volatile organic chemicals) and reducing condensation.
  4. Airtightness – ensuring the house is airtight minimizing any air leaks from gaps or cracks improving on thermal comfort and control.
  5. Thermal bridge free construction – ensuring that there is a continuous flow of insulation within the envelope of the building and avoid using materials that are less conductive to heat. Incorporate thermal breaks if needed to ensure nonconductive elements are separated from the conductive. This reduces energy consumption and condensation indoors.


Performance criteria

 Nuway Passive House in Australia design principles

The performance criteria have been put in place to ensure the passive house’s design principles meet the minimum performance requirements to achieve certification. The criteria include annual space heating, cooling, airtightness, primary energy, comfort and indoor air quality. To reach the requirements certain types of materials and components must be used to achieve a certified passive house. These materials and components can include:


  • Timber framing, plywood, plasterboard and external cladding
  • Adequate and consistent insulation with tightly sealed ducts
  • Foam-wrapped building envelope to increase airtightness
  • Tankless on-demand water heater
  • Double glazed 6-star energy rating windows
  • Solar hot water system
  • Ceiling fans and fluorescent light bulbs to reduce energy consumption
  • Heat recovery ventilator which improves indoor air quality


Why does it matter in Australia?

 Nuway Passive House in Australia 01

As Australians we are fortunate enough to experience all four seasons every year ranging from those extreme 40 degree beach days to those chilly stay in bed mornings. Unfortunately, in order to live comfortably during these extreme changes of seasons we fork out thousands of dollars on heating and cooling appliances, as well as increasing energy costs. Through passive housing we can avoid all these unnecessary expenses by changing the foundation we are so accustomed to and ultimately increase our energy efficiencies and reduce costs to live in a comfortable and healthier environment.


If you are interested in a passive house and don’t know where to start then contact Nu-Way who also supply a wide range of materials to help you get certified.




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