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Why Settle With Double Glazing When You Can Have Triple?

Make Your Home Energy Efficient With uPVC Doors and Windows

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Cold wet winters? Check!

Roasting summers? Check!

Record electricity prices? Check!

Keeping your home at a comfortable temperature throughout Perth’s changing seasons can be an expensive business. That’s why, instead of paying through the nose to have your heater or air conditioner running all day, we recommend installing doors and windows made from uPVC.

You may already be familiar with uPVC as the material used in PVC pipes. It has fantastic insulative properties, and doors and windows made from this rigid plastic have been found to reduce household greenhouse gas emissions and heating bills by up to 50%. uPVC doors and windows are already extremely popular in Europe and the United States, where the push to develop more energy efficient homes began many decades ago; and there is also growing interest here in Australia, with more and more people looking for energy efficient and sustainable alternatives to timber or aluminium.

What Makes uPVC Doors and Windows So Energy Efficient?  

uPVC naturally has very low thermal conductivity, so doors and windows made from the material allow only minimal exchange of heat with the outside air. uPVC windows also provide perfectly airtight seals and are ideal for double- or triple-glazing, which can offer your home even better insulation. The result is less reliance on air conditioning units and heaters to regulate the temperature within your home, conserving energy and saving you money. 

Additional Benefits of uPVC Doors and Windows

Low Maintenance

A simple wash and a quick scrub will keep uPVC frames looking new for decades. There’s no need for sanding, re-painting, or varnishing as there is with timber frames. The colour you choose for your uPVC frames will never fade or peel, even in the unforgiving Australian sun, and even deep scratches will simply reveal more of the same colour underneath.


uPVC frames are more or less invulnerable to weather damage and will never warp, corrode, or rot. Their imperviousness to salt corrosion in particular makes them a natural choice for coastal dwellers. uPVC frames can also be customised to be highly resistant to bushfires, potentially buying your home and its occupants up to an hour of precious time.

Environmentally Friendly

Even without taking into account their role in reducing in household carbon emissions, uPVC frames are very environmentally sound and sustainable products. They require fewer resources to manufacture than aluminium frames, and at the end of their 40 – 80 year life spans they can simply be recycled and turned into piping or floor tiles. 

Premium Quality uPVC Doors and Windows in Perth

From their extreme sturdiness to their remarkable energy efficiency, uPVC doors and windows really are perfectly designed for use in Perth homes. If you’d like to learn more about uPVC doors and windows and their many great qualities, call the friendly experts at Nu-Way Glass and Glazing today. We specialize in supplying and installing premium uPVC frames, and as one of Perth’s most respected glaziers we guarantee that the highest standards of quality and safety will be met.

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Even after adding the transportation cost we remained competitive, and provides you with high quality German double glazings.

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